“Think you that I came to give peace to the earth? No, I say to you, but rather division.

For there shall be henceforth five in one house divided — three against two, and two against three; a father shall be divided against a son, and a son against a father, a mother against a daughter, and a daughter against a mother, a mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.”.
Luke 12.51-54 (Young’s Literal Translation)

Some days ago our son – who works in the television and film field – told us how among his colleagues and thirty / forty-year-olds support for the vaccine is practically universal.

Fortunately, having uniform opinions in a family inclined towards conscious information and freedom of vaccination, I have always found this widespread prostration exceptional, especially  in an age group physiologically liable to challenge, if not to rebel.

“But excuse me – I asked him – have your friends inquired about vaccines? Have they read the prescription leaflets? Since they are intelligent people and well introduced into the social structure, do they know that it is a gene therapy whose effects in the short term are unknown and even less so on the long term? Besides the fact that the health authorities themselves admit, it does not protect against infection and contagion? So why do it?”

“Yes, of course – our son replied, who is also a strong proponent of therapeutic freedom – I sent them all the items needed to decide, but their answer was ‘Yes, yes, we have read it, but we want to make an end with this story, we want to get back to normal, travel, go to the disco, to fly etc. And then … everyone does it because it is the right thing to do especially  for others, for the community”.

“So – I replied – they are putting their health or even their lives at risk by subjecting themselves to gene therapy whose consequences are not known to anyone just in order to ‘get back to normal’?”

“That’s right, they read, they watch the videos but then, in the end, on the one hand, the mantra of the new swab-mask-vaccine religion repeated ad nauseam by the media and, on the other hand, the fear of social disapproval is stronger…”

So Everyone Does …

“Case after case, we see that conformism is the easiest path, the one that leads to privilege and prestige; dissidence has a personal cost.”
Noam Chomsky


Noam Chomsky, london dec 2002 © Chris Saunders

Fifty years later – that many have passed since ’68 and around then – we are therefore witnessing a complete reversal of the condition of youth, which has gone from nonconformism at all costs to acritical conformity.

I therefore find it fundamental to try first of all to analyse this “phenomenon of conformity” that seems to denote general behaviour, with particular emphasis on that of young people.

The Phenomenon of Conformism…

… is this conforming or manipulation?

What is disconcerting after more than a year of a declared pandemic is not only the confusion that reigns amongst those who have managed and manoeuvred it, but above all amongst those who have suffered it.

If on the one hand there have been extraordinary twists and turns – the theory of the virus escaping from the Wuhan laboratory at the beginning was considered to be fake  news (and accordingly censored by YouTube, Facebook,  Twitter  etc.) and today not only has it cleared customs but it is considered probable; masks were declared effective without any scientific evidence and today are being questioned; not to mention the remedies such as hydroxychloroquine  and  ivermectin that were declared not only useless but even harmful or vitamin D, that was considered useless even if it is extremely well-known that it is able to influence the immune system.

The shameful falsified study on hydroxy-chloroquine  withdrawn from The Lancet magazine after ta letter from 120 researchers around the world questioning the validity of the study.

The last straw was reached, as everyone will remember, with a bogus study in The Lancet on hydroxy-chloroquine, withdrawn immediately after publication for obvious falsehood but in fact used to continue preventing the use of an economic and effective remedy against  Covid-19 (in particular in Italy).

In fact, whilst health organizations are ready to take any risk with regard to experimental vaccines, they apply textbook safety standards when it comes to drugs that are no longer covered by patents – and therefore not profitable – after decades of safe use.

Let’s not talk about the vaccines waltz; effective / not very effective, safe / with risk of reaction, only over 60s / no, even over 40s, useful for  under 12s / no, and useless for boys.

Or brands; better AstraZeneca, no, Pfizer is safer, I look for Johnson & Johnson… a real flea market… Come ladies and gents, everything here is at real bargain prices…

But muddying the waters, as Rudolf Steiner tells us in the following lines, is in order to achieve the goals that whoever is in power wants to achieve:

“Those who desire to work in this way are always concerned, not to stimulate just one stream but to make sure that one stream is always crossed by another, so that they influence each other in some way. Not much is achieved by simply running straight ahead with a single stream.
It is necessary sometimes to throw a sidelight on this stream so that certain things become confused, so that certain tracks are covered up, and other things are lost in an impenetrable thicket.
This is very important. Thus it comes about that certain secret streams which have set themselves some task or other also set about achieving the exact opposite.
These opposing tasks have the effect of obliterating all tracks“. 

Rudolf Steiner, Dornach, 9th December 1916 (GA173)

Rudolf Steiner

How is it possible that convinced viewers of television talk shows where, every other day, what was said the day before is denied, have not had some reasonable doubts?

But, unfortunately for them, facts mean nothing; what matters is the narrative that is considered as being the truth.

Despite being arrogantly asked for fact checking by the “guardians of truth” for those who dispute the official narrative, the mainstream media is allowed to say everything and its opposite.

Without any possibility of counter-argument.

If this is a Democracy…

But the most precious ally of the totalitarianism that we see taking hold more and more each day is the people, by now the victims of generalized cognitive dissonance.

What we have been witnessing for over a year and a half, is a Psy-op, a psychological warfare operation that has produced millions of terrified and demoralized people, manipulated in such a way as to think and react to certain keywords and input according to predefined models. 

The proof of the effectiveness of this manipulative plan is given by the fact that people – and many of us have personally verified it in recent months – do not challenge the dominant narrative, the uniform version, even if they are provided with factual information and logical reasoning. 

You can prove to them using facts that there are insurmountable contradictions in the official narrative but it serves no purpose.

You can prove that the photos of people dying on the streets in China in March 2020 were faked, but it is of no use.

You can show that the death rates provided in official statistics have been manipulated, but it is of no use.

You can prove that PCR tests are used incorrectly, so much so that they are not at all reliable, but it is of no use.

You can put all the studies on the ineffectiveness of masks under their noses, but it is of no use.

You can unmask the invented percentages of the infected and deceased, but it is of no use.

You can prove, data in hand, that the intensive care units of this or that hospital were half empty whilst they were stated as being overcrowded, but it is of no use.

You can mention survival rates for people under 70, but it is of no use.

You can prove with numbers that the guidelines for “paracetamol and vigilant waiting” are not only scientifically unfounded but have condemned thousands of people  to death who would certainly have been saved if there had been home care, but it is of no use.

You can put the growing numbers of adverse reactions to vaccines before them, but it is of no use.

You can easily highlight the risks and uselessness of vaccinating children, but it is of no use.

They will continue to believe the official narrative.

“The truth of the matter is buried under edifice after edifice of lies upon lies.
Noam Chomsky

These people have abdicated their rationality, and have been seized by a totalitarian movement, which has become their perceptual and social “reality”, on whose defence their “health care” depends, so facts mean absolutely nothing to them.

We know well, on the other hand, thanks to studies on behaviour, how much our preconceptions, arising from previous conditioning, interfere with our ability to perceive clearly and correctly.

Yet the narrative is so controversial and contradictory that it is difficult to think that even the people who most lack medical-scientific knowledge could consider it reliable. 

Apparently, this is not the case, if we consider that the vast majority of the world’s population patiently queues up to be administered doses of experimental vaccines of which no one knows the effects and for whose possible damage no one takes responsibility.

Neither the pharmaceutical houses, nor the health authorities that inject them, nor the State that imposes them.

Even now, that in Italy the use of masks outdoors has been (temporarily) abolished, it can be seen that a good half of the population still wears them on the street.

The Herd Effect, in Short, the “Così Fan Tutti”…(So Everyone Does).

Now the question that seems to me most important to understand in the present situation is: why?

Why has the vast majority of the world’s population actually given up critical thinking?

Why have even the traditionally most educated and sensitive sections of society kow-towed to “Così fan tutti” following the wave of contradictory and largely arbitrary communications, recommendations, prohibitions and impositions?

First of all, it must be noted that the great ally, the real “Big Brother” in this dystopian film in which we have all been thrown headlong is Big Tech. 

Without the support of social media – in addition of course to the mainstream media about which we have had no doubts – the game of terrorizing and manipulating the entire planet could not have been possible.

Within a few months, thousands of YouTube channels have been shut down and millions of Facebook posts censored. The Twitter account of the former US president has been blocked and deleted; Greenmed.info, a natural remedies research site, had both its Facebook and Instagram accounts deleted, losing over half a million subscribers. The same fate happened to our Byoblu  whose YouTube account was deleted, on laughable pretexts. 

LinkedIn has in turn deleted the account of Dr. Robert Malone who dared to question the safety of  mRNA vaccines, despite being one of their creators. 

The social network  Parler  has been removed from the internet and so has the website of  America’s  Frontline Doctors which has dealt with unapproved treatments against  COVID-19.
Not to mention Wikipedia has been methodically defaming every dissenting entry.
And in recent weeks Facebook has even started sending threatening messages to users related to “extremist content.”

The Demonization of Critical Thinking is Continuing in Great Strides…

Content that goes against the mainstream agenda is censored or deleted altogether.
We know that.
But what about content that goes against the interests of the agenda but is not dangerous enough to be removed?

Google takes care of those.

What does Google, the world’s largest search engine, which processes over 40,000 requests per second, do about such content? 

Remember that Google is not just a search engine; it develops and maintains a network of applications that work to collect, analyse and exploit the data of all those who run searches.
By using such data – and this is where the most subtle censorship comes into play – Google decides what information should be seen and what should not. 

In 2019, the search engine updated its algorithm, in order to effectively ban health websites not linked to Big  Pharma, such as GreenMedInfo, SelfHacked, and Mercola.com.
Some of these sites lost over 90% of their traffic, overnight.

On the other hand, Google’s links with Big Pharma  and biotechnology are well known and this is not the place to go into them in depth.

As can be seen, pressure from spokesmen for the totalitarianism that is firmly grasping power is increasingly pervasive.

Evidently, after having prepared for the Covid-19 operation at length, this is the decisive stage for globalist power.

The goal is to cancel the old “reality” to replace it with a new one: the “new normal“. 

Of course, this cannot be achieved either by reasoning or by action, but by fear and repression. It is necessary to terrorize the majority of the population and lead them – gradually but firmly – to a manipulated hysterical mass state, so as to use it as a lethal weapon against those who do not want to bow down before the “new normal”. 

Even with regard to this there are those who – over a century ago – anticipated what would happen and warned mankind about how civilization could have undergone a major drift off-course:

“Perhaps we cannot yet do anything in our age against the completely materialist course of the matter-bound un-free mood of our times. But we must at least learn to perceive it as the compulsion it is. That is where we have to start.
We also do not have to indulge in delusions.
For if the world continues in its development as it is strives for in the sense of these materialistic impulses, then we will gradually enter into a development through which not only someone who unlicensed is forbidden from doing anything for human health, but also one in which relating to science, there is a prohibition against anyone saying anything other than that which is approved by those who have taken a kind of vow under the materialist world order.
Today, many things are forbidden, of which people do not feel any coercion from prohibition. But we are approaching times when, like any unlicensed concern for healing of human beings, every word will be banned, except in an institution guaranteed and approved by the materialistically developed powers.
If we do not feel the direction of this course, then we will sail full tilt into a future “freedom”, which will consist of giving laws according to which no one may teach anything outside an authorised classroom; according to which everything will be forbidden, which could remotely hark after what is happening here. Because we do not see in which direction the trend is going, we do not keep that in mind today.
Certainly, it must be emphasized again and again, we will not be able to do much in our time. But things must start with thinking, must begin with perceiving the issue, and what we can commence with, we must make a start with.

Rudolf Steiner, Dornach  7 January 1916 (GA 165)

“Divide and Rule” v.2.0

Not only “so everyone does” but also “so everyone thinks”  and those who do not think the same way become an enemy to be annihilated.

Those who do not bow down to the “new normal” are marginalized, ostracized, and in the future probably segregated and deprived of civil rights.

“Uniformity nourishes conformism, and the other side of conformism is intolerance.”

 Zygmund Bauman

Zygmund Bauman

We observe the creation of a breakdown within humanity. 

Not only in the public sphere, but also in the personal sphere; this breakdown is promoted not only by governments, the media and representatives of science, but also involves colleagues, friends and family.

That breakdown was decided, desired and favoured by those who want to divide to better rule.

Everything that has happened in recent months bears witness to this beyond any reasonable doubt.

Fear, uncertainty, contradictory indications, a succession of conflicting orders, the (intentional) absence of logical sense in indications and obligations, media manipulation, all have the aim of making the weak ever weaker and devoid of reference points and then throwing them against those who have laboriously conquered such reference points for themselves.

But how was this global manipulation possible, particularly in a country like Italy that has always shone through its creativity and independence?

There exist ways and means in the world of carrying out what I might call ‘mass hypnosis’.
To bring about a suggestion on a grand scale you have to place something in the world which makes an impression. Just as it is possible to insinuate an idea into the mind of an individual in the way I have shown, so too, by using suitable means, suggestions can be made to whole groups of people, especially when one knows what actually binds these groups together.

It is possible to steer a force that lives in an individual person in a particular direction.

This person may then be totally convinced of his deep love of peace; and yet he does what he does because somehow or other a suggestion has been planted in him. He is quite at odds with what he does. In the same way, with the right knowledge, similar things can be done to whole groups; it is merely a matter of selecting the appropriate means. You take a force that lives but has no particular direction (…) and by suggestion on a grand scale you nudge it into a definite direction”.

Rudolf Steiner, Dornach, 9 December 1916 (GA 173)

This collective suggestion has had an impressive success rate and has struck in a way that cuts across everything.

The victims – as many of us have had the opportunity to experience at first hand – do not belong to a class that is either culturally, politically or socially uniform.

It a class that cuts across those who have abdicated critical thinking, both young and old, cultured and ignorant, wealthy and poor.

However, despite the fact that the vast majority of the population has been effectively manipulated, there are individuals who are resistant to this psychological operation: people with a greater critical spirit, the non-aligned, and those on the margins of social recognition. 

It therefore seems fair to me to assume that the majority of those on whom the manipulation has had limited effects are those who do not need to identify with a social group: the less educated, the self-employed, and the non-aligned. 

This may be because such categories are less sensitive to threats of expulsion from the group to which they belong if they have a non-aligned thought, since they do not identify with any social group.

It is important to try to identify the ways – certainly multiple ones – with which the “heretics” have managed to escape the Pied Piper of Hamelin of Single Thinking.

In a nutshell I would divide the “immune from conditioning” into five categories:

  1. Simple people with natural wisdom, like the old lady who blurted out about the media terrorism: “who are they trying to kid with these dramatic news items every day? I lived through the war, with the bombings and roundups; then there really was reason to be afraid, by not today, not of a flu“;
  2. Those who by choice do not follow the media, perhaps do not have their own television and therefore have been able to escape the emotional conditioning pressure of the pounding pandemic narrative;
  3. Those who – perhaps already accustomed to systematic doubt about the truthfulness of the media – starting from the first inconsistencies in the media circus began to ask questions, trying to dig deeper into the issue, drawing on all accessible sources;
  4. Those who, being professionals in a scientific field, and in particular virologists, have understood that the inconsistencies in the scientific narrative were not attributable to incompetence but to conscious falsification;
  5. Those who, being familiar with spirituality, immediately grasped that behind the whole story there were strong dissonances that affected its narrative consistency. 

In the following lines Rudolf Steiner spoke of the attitude to be taken towards the tragedies of our time. In those days they concerned the Great War, but I think they also perfectly fit tragedy we are experiencing today: 

I am convinced that one of the chief causes for the painful events going on in the world today is the attitude that a blind eye can be turned to certain matters while others are discussed on the basis of an entirely false premise. Even in the face of large-scale matters of this kind, each individual should start from a foundation of self-knowledge.
And a portion of self-knowledge is involved if we recognize that to claim no interest in these things and to want only to hear of occult matters is, in a small way, no different from all that adds up to the events we are experiencing today.
For spiritual things are not only those which have to do with higher worlds.
These, to start with, are of course occult for everybody.But much of what takes place on the physical plane is also occult for many people. We can only hope that much of what is occult and hidden on this plane may be revealed!
For one of the causes of today’s misery is that so much remains occult fo r so many people, who nevertheless persist in forming judgements 

Rudolf Steiner, Dornach  16 December 1916 (Ga 173)

Like Rudolf Steiner before him, Giulietto Chiesa was prophetic when he said that occult, transnational powers would do anything to win, even at the cost of destroying the whole of humanity.

What is happening is proof of this; for this reason he spoke of the need to light many small fires of resistance. 

Today we live in an apocalyptic time that puts us before ourselves and our courage. Apocalypse means revelation and the fundamental task of our community is therefore to provide the tools for the unveiling of reality and to make a contribution to a new social, cultural, political but above all, spiritual Rebirth.

Our Great Reset.

Giulietto Chiesa

This war can only be won if the message passes that “never, at any time has there existed nor will there ever be the possibility of our defeat”.

Future Developments

But we must, on the other hand, not delude ourselves as to what the next developments will reasonably be.

Given that the reaction of a large number of people against the health dictatorship that we are experiencing has only slightly slowed down the process put in place since the beginning of these events, we must consider that entire societies do not allow themselves to be transformed into pseudo-totalitarian systems without reacting with unrest, chaos and violent rebellions.

Although the process of “formatting” people has had effects that are nothing short of extraordinary, there comes a time when it is necessary to push people to revolt who do not bend to the new “reality” ,so that they can repress them and officially turn them into public enemies.

That is happening right now.

So what do those who come across those who do not recognize the “new normal” do?  

Simple, like in the film Minority  Report, they denounce the “thought crimes” of the rebels to the Corporations of Big  Tech or the law enforcement agencies of “democratic” governments in the hope of destroying or damaging their lives, or, at the very least, of having them censored, or otherwise erased from public view.

Just as Rudolf Steiner prophetically stated back in 1916:

“Very shortly, when one will have written the year 2000, there will come from America not a direct prohibition, but a kind of prohibition against all thinking, a sort of law which will have the aim of suppressing all individual thinking.
On the other hand there is the beginning achieved in this direction of suppressing all individual thinking into pure materialistic thinking where one does not need to work upon the soul on the basis of external experiments, in which the human being is handled as if he were a machine

Rudolf Steiner, Berlin 4 April 1916 (Ga 167)

Perhaps we did not believe that certain forecasts would come true.

So early and so precisely.

Yet Steiner‘s predictions about the future Second World War, mad cow disease, the decline of the West, and technocracy, should have convinced us of the imminence of these events.

Now, however, since those who still maintain the use of critical thinking are probably 20/25% of the total population, it becomes difficult for the agenda to totally eliminate dissent.

They then try to label the rebels with definitions of “antisocial conspiracy theorists“, “deniers”, ” no-vax disinformation “, “potentially violent extremists”, and others which will come, so that people can be painted as deranged monsters marginalized by society for their responsibility.

Here, too, Steiner comes to our aid when he talks about the use of language:

“As you can see, if we want to achieve something in the world, then it is a question of giving it the opposite name to what it actually is in the normal sense for the development of mankind, so that one acquires an opposite name, so to speak.
Humanity must learn to rise beyond blind faith in names, and it is on its way to getting there

Rudolf Steiner, Stuttgart 21 September 1920 (GA 197)

This is Newspeak, Babe…

The process of altering language is now well established – just think of expressions such as “humanitarian war”, “peace missions”, “democracy”, “anti-fascism” “public health” whose real meaning is the exact opposite – and will continue more and more blatantly, a fact that cannot but lead to social confrontation between those who have no hesitation in thinking received ideas and those who insist on wanting to think for themselves.

But the latter will not adapt easily; they will be able to segregate them, prohibit them from traveling, not give space to their protests in the media, censor them, delete their social accounts or bank accounts but, having to maintain outwardly an appearance of “democracy”, they will not be able to make them disappear by force.

“There has been a deepening recognition among elites in the West that as you begin to lose the power to control people by force, you have to start to control what they think.

Noam Chomsky

Therefore the likely strategy of the “Masters of the World” is to push the resistance to despair, pressing them until they lose their minds.
When this happens, the street riots will begin.
They are already starting, these days, in France and Greece.

That is precisely the aim of the Agenda.

In this way they will be able to confirm the transition from “no-vax”, which endangers public health to “violent extremist”, which threatens the lives of respectable citizens.
We told you, remember that those who do not get vaccinated are a danger to everyone? Now you can see it with your own eyes!”

This is an old story, but evergreen.

Power desperately needs to turn those it must silence into “extremists,” “terrorists,” and the “deranged,” before they can “encourage” others with their “disinformation.”

In short, they are trying to achieve a new apartheid, no longer of whites against blacks, but of the vaccinated against the unvaccinated; so the racism that you want to get out of the door comes back in through the window.

Unfortunately, they are probably about to achieve their goal.
So how can you defend those who still believe in the ability to use critical thinking?

Because here it is not a question of vaccine-yes/vaccine-no, but of thinking-yes/thinking-no.

Those who choose to get vaccinated because they are forced to do so or because they have been informed and still believe that the benefits are greater than the risks, must be respected and not mocked but the same should also apply to those who consciously decide not to get vaccinated.

In any case, we cannot delude ourselves that the “Masters of the World” will abandon their efforts, indeed, in my opinion, they will increase pressure, and they will speed up their strategies, until people start to freak out, giving rise to social unrest.

If it comes to that point, they might have won. 

We will be the ‘extremists’ against whom the people have warned; they can do with us whatever they want, with the approval or laziness of our former friends.

But we are many and we are increasingly motivated; we are not in Nazi Germany, nor in the Soviet Union with the Gulags.

They can segregate us, ban us from traveling, black out our protests, censor us, silence our opinions, delete our bank accounts with a click, but they will not be able to make us disappear by force.

Cognitive Dissonance and Division of Humanity

Evil has been fully and truly trivialized, and what really counts among the consequences is that we have been, or are rapidly being, made insensitive to its presence and manifestations. Doing evil no longer demands motivation.

Zygmund Bauman

We are therefore faced with a cognitive dissonance that involves the majority of humanity.

Rudolf Steiner had warned that if humanity did not turn to spiritual values, civilization would collapse already in our age, and humanity would fall into barbarism. 

In other words, if materialism had prevailed, events that should have happened in thousands of years’ time, they would have happened in our twenty-first century! 

That is exactly what is happening today.

“And if those external things, the outer development of cultures, were to go on and on and if there were not a strong inner spiritual drive in development, then it would actually be the case of all people becoming staggering dreamers.
This is to be taken quite seriously, such a thing is a possibility for humanity.
And this very thing can only be counteracted by really getting involved in courageously and boldly getting stuck into the spiritual world in the way that spiritual science wants to and as it really can. Today it is still possible that we will gather ourselves up so strongly as humanity that people will turn to inner activity.
But it must be worked upon seriously using every means by all those who understand this”.

Rudolf Steiner, Stuttgart, 11 July 1923 (GA 224)

The tendency not to think is quite evident in our time; apart from the external manipulation that has been mentioned, the general dependence on virtual reality leads in most cases to the abdication of one’s own autonomous judgments.

“Gradually human beings do not want to think anymore, because it has begun to become unpleasant. Thinking has become uncomfortable.
Mankind would much rather dream than think”.

Rudolf Steiner, Stuttgart, 11 July 1923 (GA 224)

We live in a selfish and computer-dependent society, and not in a civilization turned to high moral ideals.
You only have to look at world politics, hypocrisy, greed, selfishness and bloodthirsty brutality, to see barbarism in action.

Two Human Currents

Rudolf Steiner in his descriptions of the future rarely spoke of humanity as a whole. He spoke of the part of mankind that would turn to the spirit.
Numerically this can be a very small part of humanity, a handful of men; it is not a question of numbers but of quality.

Perhaps we find ourselves, on the one hand, at the first creaking that is a prelude to the collapse of the global neo-liberal empire and, on the other, at the first signs of the separation of two human currents; one turned towards spiritual values and the other exclusively to material values.
We could add: one able to use critical thinking and the other prone to absorbing imposed thinking.

The future of civilization will or will not be successful, depending on how much the former will achieve, despite being a handful of men.  

Rudolf Steiner predicted this possibility very clearly.

Those who follow the path towards spirituality must at some point make choices different from those of the masses. 

But today millions of young people are choosing in the wrong way, looking for escape to virtual worlds. 

They choose a new self, an avatar that appears on the computer screen and spend most of their time in a sphere of consciousness aimed at a different identity, in a fake computer-centred world. 

The I of man immerses itself in the I of a double present on the computer.

The next step in uniting the mind and the machine is obvious: a direct connection between brain and computer.
A topic related to this, is that of nano-technologies, where mechanical and electronic equipment are built so small that in some cases they are not seen with the naked eye.
Much has been written about medical instruments so miniaturized that they can be inserted into the vein and travel the bloodstream like a small submersible, for example to deconstruct a vein.
Microprocessors can be injected to reach the brain and self-install.
The problem of connecting chips to neurons has also already been solved.

But maybe even this has already passed, maybe force fields controlled from afar, a kind of magnetic resonance, without material supports, will suffice. 

It is clear that these techniques aim to control large sectors of humanity without their knowledge. 

For those who want to remain free from these intrusions, special occult techniques will be needed to protect their mind from such intrusions.

“That which must come, if the old impulses alone continue to have an effect, would be perhaps still unimaginable today: people will not only be overwhelmed, overwhelmed in external relations, but undergo a numbing domination, that takes over mere external technology and they would perish, because everything religious, scientific, philosophical, artistic and also in the higher sense any ethical interest would be taken away from the human soul.
People would become a kind of living automaton if new spiritual impulses did not come”

Rudolf Steiner,  Helsingfors, 11 April 1912 (GA 158)

As millions of people desire more and more to escape into an imaginary world, and as computers are increasingly sophisticated in providing levels of realism unthinkable today, it is reasonable to assume that a large part of humanity will choose to spend its life in that virtual world.

They will be connected to the World Wide Web via radio (Wi-Fi) between chips in the brain and the internet, or with force fields, and there will be vital support systems that allow them to never stop, either for food or other needs.

“I believe that we are approaching the crucial moment: humans must decide whether they are just machines or much more than machines.
Otherwise the risk is to find a humanity enslaved by machines controlled by the powerful.
We must finally discover our spiritual dimension and learn to use machines for the common good“.

Federico Faggin

Federico Faggin

For that number of humans who will sacrifice their soul forces, there will not only be more game scenarios like those of today, but situations programmed in real time by a super computer that will constantly adapt scenes to the emotional responses of the player. 

Each of them will live in their own personal world. 

It will be the last subdivision of humanity.

So What is to Be Done?

First of all we must know the scenario that is unfolding in front of us.

Without knowing the enemy we are defeated at the start; we must read, inform ourselves, discuss, deepen our knowledge of the time we are living through from every point of view.

Then we realize that, if we are – and we are – jointly responsible for this situation, we must first of all work on ourselves.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

At a practical level, lighting many small fires as Giulietto Chiesa said; spreading our thoughts and supporting our opinions with serenity and courage without falling into the trap of mutual aggression.

The others are more numerous and more supported by the system than we are and there is no need to form a wall against their wall; it more useful to instil some doubt.

If possible, join a campaign of non-violent civil disobedience and devote some of our time to bearing witness.

Gradually moving away from the global to return to the local, to cultivating land, to healthy products, to small cultural and spiritual communities where we can find those energies of which they want to deprive us through masks / gagging, social distancing, and limitation of movement.

Boycott industrial products as much as possible, and the services of Big Tech, returning to trade that is as much as possible based on exchange, barter, but  above all feeding within us the awareness of the meaning of what we are experiencing.

“We are living in the fifth post-Atlantean epoch, which began in the fifteenth century and will last until the end of the third and the beginning of the fourth millennium.
In this epoch men are intended to enter upon the development of what we call the Consciousness Soul. All the affairs of this epoch point finally to the goal that may be termed the perfecting of the Consciousness Soul.
Painful events, joyful events, events that put men to the test and events that we may call divine gifts for the blessing of mankind, all that is full of light, all that is full of shadow in this epoch — all this is meant to serve the purpose of enlightening man about himself and his connection with the world.
To find his place consciously in the world and thereby to strive for what has hitherto been pervaded with so much fantasy that it has never been rightly known — to strive to reach for the first lime through self-discipline what may be called the free human personality, a real control of the will founded upon self-education: that will be the task drawing men on in this epoch.

Rudolf Steiner, Dornach, 12 October 1918 (GA 184)

In accordance with these indications and as I had the opportunity to emphasize in another article, if the task of our time – of all of us therefore – is to develop awareness, “to place ourselves consciously in the world” then what we are experiencing in this era of global paradigm shift is an integral part of this task.

That is to say that we cannot feel alien but consider it a fundamental test for the personal and general evolution of all humanity.

Perhaps it is precisely on succeeding in this task that the progress or decline of future humanity will depend.

Piero Cammerinesi

Opening picture by Sven Pfrommer

Translated from Italian by Mark Willan for LiberoPensare

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