When a wise man points at the moon, a fool looks at his finger (Chinese proverb)

I was struck by the almost total synchronism of the re-launch by the mainstream press of two news items in a very short period.
I am talking about two facts that I cannot help but consider extremely emblematic: both Pope Bergoglio and the Dalai Lama have publicly encouraged the faithful to get vaccinated.
The Dalai Lama has even undergone the magic injection publicly, saying

“My trusted friends, including doctors, have advised me to have this injection. It is very useful and effective for preventing some serious problems. Other patients should do it to get greater benefits (for everyone). I want to share this decision with other people, so they can take the courage and get the vaccine”.


As for Pope Bergoglio, who underwent the vaccine – as far as is known – in January, he said on 17th August:

“Thanks to God and the work of many, today we have vaccines to protect us from Covid-19. They give hope of ending the pandemic, but only if they are available to all and if we work together. Vaccinating, using vaccines authorised by the relevant authorities, is an act of love. And contributing to ensure that most people get vaccinated is also an act of love”.



What are we to make of this news, which is being greedily regurgitated and amplified by global information whores?

In my opinion three things:

1 – That the vaccination campaign is not going as well as it should be and so one has to resort to ‘bigwigs’ leveraging religious denominations for those undecided people that science has failed to convince. Both religious authorities have emphasised the unselfishness and love that would be inherent in choosing to be vaccinated. When the pressure of fear – capably broadcast for a year and a half by science and the media – lessens its grip, they resort to altruism.

2 – That, as I have often said, this is an apocalyptic period, literally one of revelation. That is to say, of the ‘unveiling’ of the true face and essence of personalities and movements which, until yesterday, could masquerade as spirituality and morality. Today – in this age of masks – the masks are falling.

The moral and spiritual level of those who are considered to be the spiritual leaders of humanity is revealed by their words.

I personally think that neither Pope Bergoglio nor the Dalai Lama represent any real spiritual authority.

I saw and listened to the Dalai Lama in Los Angeles at one of his lectures and was immediately perplexed.

I cannot even mention or write down the name of this Pope, using a title that evokes a spiritually significant personality.

This is the last gasp of the Church of Peter, which must give way to the Church of John, to the community of self-aware humanity.

Verily, verily, I say to you, when you were young, you did gird yourself, and go wherever you wished; but when you are old, you will stretch out your hands, and another shall gird you, and take you where you do not wish.

This he said to him to indicate by what death he would glorify God. Then Peter turned and saw that the disciple who Jesus loved was following them, the one who had been at his side at supper and had asked him, “Lord, who is it that is betraying you?

When Peter saw him, he said to Jesus, “Lord, what about him?”

Jesus answered him, “If I want him to stay until I return, what does it matter to you? Follow me”

(Gospel of John, 21: 18-22).

Thus, seeing two of the highest spiritual authorities make statements like this is a great help in understanding where we stand and who we are.

3 – Without wishing to enter into the merits of the incompatibility between the sphere of action of a spiritual guide and that of a political health measure or, perhaps, reflecting on the profound immorality of the use of cells grown from aborted foetuses to make vaccines, the most important point follows from the above:  today we are in the age of the consciousness soul and this means that we must find our own truth without being subject to authority of masters, or faiths, or received truths.

We are facing an anthropological mutation that has not been grasped in its revolutionary impact, because instead of looking at the global paradigm shift (the moon) we continue to stare at the finger (the pandemic).

In reality, the goal of this age is to start experiencing the consciousness soul.

Therefore everything that happens today is instrumental to this goal, namely the formation of the consciousness soul.

Not only joyful events but, even more so, painful ones, dramatic trials for the whole of humanity are aimed at stimulating our detachment from imposed morality, single ways of thinking, the religiousness that is now devoid of any spiritual component.

We are at the dawn of a New World in which we will have to find our own personal compass to guide us along the way.

The old idols are desperately trying to make us believe in their thousand year old powers, but they are irreversibly set on a declining path.

And thus, this is exactly the meaning of the strenuous opposition of those who – as in this case the two religious authorities mentioned above – want to prevent at all costs the self- conscious development of man, by trying to chain humanity to a world of authority and imposed thinking. A world that will soon be overwhelmed by history.

“To consciously position oneself in the world and thus to achieve that which in previous epochs and up to the present day has been so much fantasized about, but which has never been adequately recognised, first achieving this: achieving through self-education, that which can be called a free human personality, or, true management by a will based on self-education. This will be the approaching task of mankind in this epoch.

(R.Steiner, Dornach, October 12, 1918)

Piero Cammerinesi

Translated from Italian by Mark Willan for LiberoPensare

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